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Purchasing a car can be a very difficult, scary and time-consuming process.
That is why at Hampstead, we put many different steps in place to ensure you never end
up with anything less than the highest quality pre-owned vehicle.

Step 1

Our process starts with a rigorous pre-sale check, that far surpasses any state inspection required by law.

Step 2

At Hampstead PreOwned we provide a 30 day/ 1,000-mile powertrain warranty standard on every vehicle. We also have available a certification program that includes: 7-day exchange, 4-month 4,000-mile powertrain, 10-day extended warranty, all to give you a piece of mind. Protect your investment!

Step 3

We use the most current pricing guides and applications to analyze each vehicle and compare them to the current market price to ensure that you never overpay.

Thank you fromHampstead Preowned

Owner, Anthony Birdsong

Your satisfaction will always be the number one priority of me and my team here at Hampstead Preowned

My name is Anthony Birdsong, and I am the owner of Hampstead Pre-Owned. I wanted to take a few moments to tell you about myself, our mission, values, my promise to you and why you should choose us for all of your automotive needs.I started my company in 2012 with a small investment and an idea. That idea was to start a pre-owned dealership that would conduct business with respect, integrity, honesty, and compassion – where I would follow the golden rule and treat my customers the way I would want to be treated; Provide a warm, courteous and professional atmosphere in which to do business while always exceeding the expectations of my customers, employees and the community. Quickly resolve issues when they arise and avoid repeating those same mistakes.